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Welcome to IBS Lab!


    Our lab is dedicated to technology development for intelligent bio-sensing. We mostly use electrochemical methods for construction of our sensing system. Apart from conventional methods, we integrate miniaturized fabrication processes and aptamer sensing techniques for achieving a user-friendly goal. Aptamers are artificially evolved DNA or RNA that can be selected in vitro, and can be used as the sensing element for certain targets. For miniaturization, micro-fabrication processes are applied for fabricating electrode chips. Polymers or other bio-sensing elements (e.g. aptamers) can be immobilized onto the electrode for detection of target concentration or the analysis of other sensing characteristics.

     Join us!

    Our research groups are conducting several pioneering researches, and we have published in a variety of fields including electrochemistry, bio-sensing, ion-sensing, and other interdisciplinary studies.

Recent News

(Master/PhD students )

We are recruiting Master and PhD student for mill-IOT, MOF-ISE and apta-MI groups.


Conference: Biosensors 2021

Our 1st year master degree student Ting-Syuan He presented In the 31st anniversary world congress on biosensors, 




(Master's Degree)

We are recruiting up to two students for enrollment in master's degree for the upcoming (2020) academic year.



SECM Conference
(Wei-Li Shih)

Our 2nd-year master's degree student Wei-Li Shih attended to the 10th Workshop on Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and Related Techniques, Paris, France.

Wei-Li SECM Conference.jpg


EIS Conference (Chih-Yu Lai)

Our 2nd-year master's degree student Chih-Yu Lai attended to the 11th International Symposium on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Lège-Cap-Ferret, France.

EIS Conference photo.jpg


Electrochimica Acta Journal Paper (Jui-Hong Weng)

Our PhD degree student Jui-Hong Weng published an article on Electrochimica Acta (IF = 5.383). The title is "Microfluidic amperometry with two symmetric Au microelectrodes under one-way and shuttle flow conditions". (

Microfluidic Amperometry - Jui-Hong.jpg

Prizes in BIOME conference

Both Yi-Yi Chen and Yi-min Wu got a prize for presentation in the Conference on Biomechatronics and Agricultural Machinery Engineering,


Introducing the Ion Sensing System  in BioAsia

In BioAsia, we demonstrate our nutrient solution monitoring system.



NTU Smart Agricultural

A great success for the 2019 NTU Smart Agriculture Conference! A total of 280 people participated in this conference.

智慧農業研討會 - 照片.jpg


Electrochimica Acta

Journal Paper (Chih-Yu Lai)

Our 2nd-year master's degree student Chih-Yu Lai published an article on Electrochimica Acta (IF = 5.383). The title is "Diffusion impedance modeling for interdigitated array electrodes by conformal mapping and cylindrical finite length approximation".

IDA Diffusion Impedance Journal Paper -


ISOEN Conference (Yi-Min Wu, Li-Cheng Ho and Shen-Feng Huang)

Our PhD and master's degree students Yi-Min Wu, Li-Cheng Ho and Shen-Feng Huang attended to the 18th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose, Fukuoka, Japan.

ISOEN Conference Photo.jpg
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